Hood Outlaws & Legends
Hood Outlaws & Legends

Finding out how to increase the hideout rank in “Hood Outlaw and Legend” is crucial to your success, because it allows you to use new weapons and equipment. The only problem is that the way the game does not give all info, it just gives you a short text box that introduces the mechanics.

That is why we wrote this guide on this topic. Read on to learn how to increase the “hideout rank”, when to increase the hideout rank, etc.

The only way to increase Hideout Rank in Hood is to invest the gold obtained from the matches into The People. This is only possible at the end of every robbery you participated in. At this time, a scale will appear on the screen.

One side will represent your own personal funds and the other side will represent the amount you will invest in The People. You can then press left or right to invest more gold in your personal fund or The People respectively.

The more you invest in “people”, the faster your hideout ranking will improve. In return, you will have less gold to buy new weapons and new equipment, and you will not unlock items related to your personal wealth as soon as possible.

For this reason, it is not difficult to figure out how to quickly increase the Hideout Rank in Hood Outlaws & Legends just a dozen matches. As long as the server is full and stable, this will only take a few hours to complete. After that, you can focus on saving gold for all unlocked devices by increasing the Rank.

That should cover everything you need to know about how to raise your Hideout Rank in Hood Outlaws & Legends.