How to Play as Fire Ants in Empires of the Undergrowth
Image via Slug Discos Studios

The Empires of the Undergrowth fire ant update has grown the world even larger than before. The insect kingdom has an outstanding new soundtrack and incredible new species. The fire ants are front and center, having special abilities such as making bridges to tackling titans. Here is everything we can expect from the latest update. Take a look at how to play as fire ants in Empires of the Undergrowth.

How to Play as Fire Ants in Empires of the Undergrowth

The first thing the video shows us is the new bridge-building feature, and thankfully it’s as simple as we hoped. The game’s pathway system allows it to prop up the bridges without us having to do anything else than place a pheromone marker, allowing for us to maintain quick strategic planning without having to worry about meticulously building bridges.

As we can see, however, the bridge will require enough ants to get across, so we are going to have to be even more careful when sending our ants on missions. Thankfully each nursery tile now spawns two ants, so this won’t be a huge burden and will remain exciting.

Video via SLug Disco Studios

How Aphid Farming Works

Aphids have a lot more prominent with this update, and now we can see it in action. We can tell that farming aphids will have to be a full-time job when it comes to migrating them around and defending them.

The toggle that allows the ants to collect and move aphids also tells us that we may want a group dedicated to herding and defending the aphids, giving us, even more, to multitask and keep track of if we want a secure and sustainable food source. This adds a whole new dimension to the game, and it looks as though keeping these aphid farms will be the key to our fire ants’ survival.

Toppling Titans with Your Army of Fire Ants

The most dramatic features of the update are the huge titan enemies, and this video showcases the giant American Bullfrog. Sporting a health bar akin to Dark Souls, our ants better be prepared to roll and parry their way to victory as these new enemies will be as opposing as any souls-like bosses.

With another toggle to enable climbing these things, we can tell the titan enemies will surely be something to over-prepare for. A monumental effort, it may take a couple of groups – one climbing, and one staying on the ground – to vanquish the lands of the beasts.

In the video, we can see the bullfrog decimating all the ants in front of it, but didn’t do anything about the ants crawling along its back, so perhaps the key here is to swarm them and get as many of the titan’s back as you can get to quickly take it down.

Can’t wait to take on the fire ants but don’t have Empires of the Undergrowth? You can download it from Steam. Stay tuned with Gamer Journalist for more Empires of the Undergrowth content.