Dripleaf is part of the many new features brought by the caves and cliffs update in Minecraft 1.17. They come in two variants, the small dripleaf and the big dripleaf, which can be found in the lush caves around the game. In today’s article, we will discuss what a dripleaf is and how to place it in Minecraft.

What is a Dripleaf in Minecraft

In Minecraft, the small Dripleaf do not provide more functions except for generating big Dripleaf. Players can use big Dripleaf for platforming. In addition, players must use bone meal to grow big Dripleaf because they do not grow naturally. Therefore, the only real purpose of small Dripleaf is to produce big Dripleaf. Small Dripleaf can only be mined with shears.

How to Place Small Dripleaf

  • To place small dripleaves in Minecraft, you must first extract them. As mentioned above, small dripleaves can only be mined with shears.
  • Using any other tool will destroy the block to which the dripleaf is attached. Since the dripleaves are placed underwater, they can be placed on clay and moss blocks along with dirt, grass, podzol, and farmland blocks.
  • Once your small dripleaves are placed on any one of the above mentioned blocks underwater, you can use bone meal to grow the small dripleaves into big dripleaves.
  • Also, you can also choose to keep the small as well as big dripleaves by using only bonemeal on certain small dripleaves as the smaller dripleaves do not grow by itself.