How to make use of Anna Pascal in Triangle Strategy

Anna is always likely to behave first in your Triangle Strategy social gathering since she has the fastest pace. Although it may not appear to be so, Anna is most certainly one of the best social gathering members by far. She has a passive ability known as Act twice, which allows her to attack twice (you can only move once) in the same turn. If you set your models correctly, this might result in two back attacks followed by two follow-up assaults. That’s a big one.

Anna also has high evasion, so putting her into the middle of combat isn’t a bad idea, even if she doesn’t have as good attacking numbers as Serenoa or Erador. Give her tools that will help her injury and survival, such as a health ring or an energy ring. Later in the game, Anna has the ability to become completely invisible, allowing her to avoid being targeted by foes and becoming far more dangerous.

How to make use of Anna Pascal in Triangle Strategy
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At level three, she’ll obtain the Throw Poison attack, which is ranged and allows her to poison an adversary, although getting back/follow-ups with the standard attacks is more useful. Use Anna as a covert weapon.

Anna may have more and distinct applications in addition to the basic demonstration. With the ability to increase her class twice and acquire a number of new abilities, she’ll evolve into their very own and have specific competence suited to various chapter battles.