Stardew Valley
Stardew Valley

To make truffle oil in Stardew Valley, you just need to put the truffle in the oil maker. Although this may seem simple, you must first know how to make an oil maker and where to get truffles. It takes six hours to produce truffle oil in Stardew Valley in the game.

This artisan product is listed as a “gourmet cooking ingredient”, but you really can’t use it in any recipes. However, you need them to make rain totems, which can be used to bring rainwater to your farm when needed.

To build an oil maker machine, you need 50 slimes, 20 hardwoods, and a gold bar. You can use it to make more different kinds of oil. Once you have your oil maker, it’s time to buy yourself some truffles.

Truffle is a mushroom that pigs spawn on the farm. To do this, the pig must leave the barn. Truffles are worth a lot of gold. Please note that the pigs will not come out of the barn in winter, which will result in no truffle production. Once you have raised your pig and prepared some truffles for yourself, you can start making your own truffle oil.

In addition to making rain totems, if you are a craftsman, you can sell them for 1,065g or 1491g. Most villagers would like to receive truffle oil as a gift, and Harvey would like it. On the other hand, Jas, Sebastian, and Vincent hate him, so maybe you can give them something else. Another thing you can do with it is tailoring.

You can use the spool of the sewing machine to make a dyable Dark Bandana Shirt . Also, there is a quest in which Mayor Lewis requests truffle oil by mail. You only need to wait until you receive a letter containing the request.