Minecraft is a sandbox game that allows players to do almost anything they want. Between different potions, blocks and recipes, players can explore every part of Minecraft seeds. One of the potions that can make the player’s time easier and more interesting is a variety of suspicious stews.

Suspicious stew is a combination of one red mushrooms, one brown mushrooms, and one bowl with various flowers. When the player eats a stew made of one of the flowers, each different flower will give the player different status effects. Status effects range from good status effects (such as Minecraft’s fire resistance) to bad status effects (such as poison), depending on the type of flower used.

How to get the Ingredients for Suspicious Stew

To complete any kind of stew, the player needs four ingredients. Although it is possible to collect flowers in places in the world like the plains biome of Minecraft, the other three components require more work to find or craft. You can make a bowl by combining three planks of any type, but mushrooms may be more difficult to grow.

  • Both red and brown mushrooms spawn in low-light situations, like right inside of caves.
  • Mushrooms can be easily farmed in just about any biome in the Nether.
  • In Swamp biomes
  • Giant Tree Tiagas
  • Witch huts

Different Flowers and their Status Effects

Depending on the type of flower added by the Minecraft player, the stew will change the status effect given to the player when the stew is consumed. The duration of these status effects depends on the type of stew and whether the player is using Bedrock Edition or Java Edition. The different combinations include:


Regardless of which type the player makes and eats, the stew will restore the hunger value 6 times. Even if the player is not hungry, they can eat these suspicious stews, and they will have a status effect. After the player has eaten the stew, the bowl will be returned and can be used for more stews, such as more suspicious stews, turnip stews, and even mushroom stews.

How to make Suspicious Stew in Minecraft (All recipes)

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