Minecraft is a sandbox game that enables gamers to do virtually something they need. Between totally different potions, blocks and recipes, gamers can discover each a part of Minecraft seeds. One of the potions that may make the participant’s time simpler and extra fascinating is quite a lot of suspicious stews.

Suspicious stew is a mix of 1 pink mushrooms, one brown mushrooms, and one bowl with varied flowers. When the participant eats a stew product of one of many flowers, every totally different flower will give the participant totally different standing results. Status results vary from good standing results (reminiscent of Minecraft’s hearth resistance) to unhealthy standing results (reminiscent of poison), relying on the kind of flower used.

How to get the Ingredients for Suspicious Stew

To full any form of stew, the participant wants 4 elements. Although it’s potential to gather flowers in locations on the planet just like the plains biome of Minecraft, the opposite three elements require extra work to search out or craft. You could make a bowl by combining three planks of any kind, however mushrooms could also be tougher to develop.

  • Both pink and brown mushrooms spawn in low-light conditions, like right within caves.
  • Mushrooms may be simply farmed in nearly any biome within the Nether.
  • In Swamp biomes
  • Giant Tree Tiagas
  • Witch huts

Different Flowers and their Status Effects

Depending on the kind of flower added by the Minecraft participant, the stew will change the standing impact given to the participant when the stew is consumed. The length of those standing results will depend on the kind of stew and whether or not the participant is utilizing Bedrock Edition or Java Edition. The totally different mixtures embody:


Regardless of which kind the participant makes and eats, the stew will restore the starvation worth 6 instances. Even if the participant just isn’t hungry, they’ll eat these suspicious stews, and they’ll have a standing impact. After the participant has eaten the stew, the bowl will probably be returned and can be utilized for extra stews, reminiscent of extra suspicious stews, turnip stews, and even mushroom stews.

How to make Suspicious Stew in Minecraft (All recipes)

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