Basalt, smooth basalt and polished basalt currently have no special uses in Minecraft, except for construction. However, when players use these to build houses in the Nether, their explosion-proof properties and durability can protect them from terrible fireballs and other difficulties found underground. In addition, these three stones can add a different appearance and beauty to any building, and can be easily made or found in the game. Players only need to go to the Nether to find these dark gray squares.

Basalt can be found almost anywhere in the Nether biome of the Soul Sand Valley of Minecraft, and can be planted with any type of pickaxe. Players can also find basalt in the basalt delta, and can also farm ordinary basalt and polished basalt in the bastion remnants. There is no smooth basalt in the Nether, so players must use plain basalt or find an amethyst geode in the main world to make their own.

The amethyst geode is a new structure that appears underground in the main world, and rarely appears on the surface near the water. They contain calcite and amethyst items and are surrounded by smooth basalt. These huge geodes usually appear between the Y level 70 and the bedrock layer, appearing in 1/53 blocks. But if players have difficulty finding geodes in the game, they can make smooth basalt.

Recipe of Smooth Basalt

Source: gamerant

To make smooth basalt, players first need a furnace or blast furnace. Unlike polished basalt, the player does not need a stonecutter to make smooth basalt. Using any fuel in the furnace or blast furnace, players only need to cook the regular basalt to turn it into smooth basalt. Although the furnace is easy to build, the blast furnace will reduce the smelting time by about half, allowing players to build more of these interesting-looking stones.