Going Medieval
Going Medieval

Smoking Meat is a way of cooking meat in the Middle Ages, and it can extend the shelf life of food. Even in winter, when food collection becomes difficult, Smoking meat can ensure you have a decent food supply. Therefore, it is an important element in the game. In today’s article, we will guide you how to smoke meat in “Going Medieval”.

In order to smoke meat in Going Medieval, you must first build a smokehouse and study the techniques for preserving food. To build a smokehouse, you must first research the technology to unlock it. Please follow the instructions below:

How to Research Preserving Food

To start researching food preservation, you need to create a research table in the production menu. To build a research table, you will need 60 pieces of wood. Once you have completed the construction of your research table, now is the time to start making chronicle books.

To make a chronicle book, you need to make a total of 50 books just in case, because 30 books will be used to study all the techniques that exist in the tree until you can study food preservation. Once you reach the point where you can start studying food preservation, you will need to use another 20 chronicles. After unlocking the food preservation technology, you can now build your own smokehouse.

How to Build the Smokehouse

You can build your smokehouse with 70 clays, which you can obtain by digging. Once you have enough clay, build a smokehouse. After the smokehouse is built, start the production menu in it. When you start production menu, be sure to assign someone to be responsible for the cooking so that you can now start making your own smoked meat.