Potion is one of the most useful items in Minecraft, although most players will not enter the world of brewing during a standard playthrough. This seems to be a fairly trivial task that requires memorizing and collecting a lot of ingredients. But potions can have many beneficial (and some harmful) effects, which will ease any run to the Ender Dragon. For example, regeneration potion can actually be a life-saving straw.

Using this potion in Minecraft will allow the player to regenerate the heart at a constant rate, no matter how full the food bar is. Obviously, this can be of great help in tough battles because it reduces the need to consume multiple slices of bread and meat to maintain healthy regeneration.

Ingredients to make Regeneration Potion (And Where to Gather Them)

In the process of making potions, the Nether will become the player’s best friend. Almost all potions start with nether warts, which can be found in Nether Fortresses or Bastion Remnants. In addition, there are some special ingredients that come in handy when making regeneration potions.

  • Ghast Tear: Attainable by killing Ghasts in the Nether.
  • Redstone: Found while mining underground.
  • Gunpowder: Ghasts, Witches and Creepers can all drop Gunpowder upon death.
  • Blaze Powder: One Blaze Rod will produce two Blaze Powder when added to a crafting interface.

Once a sufficient amount of ingredients have been collected, the next step is to enter the brewing station and simply brew the potion. There are only a few steps to regenerate potion, so the hard work is already done. Put the blaze powder into the slot in the upper left corner. This will activate the brewing station and allow potions to be created. Place three glass bottles filled with water in the three slots with the “bottle” icon at the bottom. These do not have to be replaced during the entire process.

Now that the Brewing Stand is prepared, place the Nether Wart into the empty upper slot. After a moment, this will create three Awkward Potions. Leave three Awkward potions in the bottom slot and place a Ghast tear in the empty top slot. After completing this process, players will now have three regeneration potions with an effect duration of 45 seconds.

You can use redstone to improve the duration, which will increase the time to 1:30. Just repeat the same process as the first two steps, but use the regeneration potion in the bottom slot. Applying gunpowder to any potion will turn it into a splash potion that can be thrown.