Nether Minecraft
Nether Minecraft

Players usually take light for granted, but this is one of the most important things in Minecraft. Without it, the player’s base will be flooded with monsters, underground mines will be invisible, and zombies can roam around 24 hours a day. To ensure that these things do not happen, players usually use torches or sometimes Glowstone as light sources, but redstone lamps provide more complex options. Players who want to know how to build and create them for their own survival mode need not look further.

To make a redstone lamp, the player first needs to enter the Nether. The recipe for the lamp requires Glowstone block, which can only be obtained reliably by going to that dimension. If there is no pickaxe enchanted with Silk Touch, players need to collect four Glowstone Dust for each Glowstone block they want to make. Players who want to avoid going to the Nether at all costs can theoretically obtain this Glowstone Dust by killing witches or trading with Cleric villagers, but these methods are obviously inefficient.

With the Glowstone block, players only need to combine it with four pieces of redstone dust to make a Redstone Lamp. However, there is one important thing to remember about redstone lamps, which makes them different from other light sources. Unlike torches or Glowston, redstone lamps must be powered by redstone current to emit light.


Although this may be a bit inconvenient, it does provide players with a way to turn lights on and off at their base. Apart from these details, they work very similarly to Glowstone, providing the same amount of light and occupying the same amount of space.

With Redstone’s smart wiring, Redstone lights can be used to create modular lighting rooms and even elegant light shows. Even if there is nothing crazy, they are a simple solution for those who want to use traditional light switches at home. This modern lighting alternative in Minecraft is a good choice for some buildings.