Splatoon 3 money making guide
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Want to learn how to make money fast in Splatoon 3? The Splatoon games work to prove that whatever Nintendo touches turns to (addictive) gold. The Splatoon series is its own unique take on the FPS battle genre, only with charm instead of gore. But the only way you’ll be able to ensure your survival is by what equipment you can buy. And you can’t buy any if you’re broke, so we put together this guide to ensure you get independently wealthy within the game.

How To Make Money Fast in Splatoon 3

You have three primary ways of making money in Splatoon 3. They are as follows:

  • Salmon Run
  • Anarchy Battle
  • Turf Battle

Each one has its challenges and rewards, but utilizing them properly is key. Just be aware some of these challenges are level locked and you will need to be at the right level to make them available to you.

Anarchy Battles

If you are low level, don’t even bother with these. You get a small amount even if you lose, but the other party cleans up so it’s not worth it until you are high enough level. Great for later in-game, though.

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Salmon Run

Once you reach level 4, the salmon run will be your best way of getting money in Splatoon 3. Use the reward capsule by accumulating points in this game mode to earn cash in Splatoon 3. It’s a game mode where you’ll fight against a horde of Salmonoids as they attempt to overrun your position.

If you get through and beat the Salmonoids boss, there are huge cash rewards. Complete this area first.

Turf Wars

This is the best method to get you cash quickly and consistently. You can play this mode as soon as you begin the game. This mode is far more forgiving than Anarchy Battles, and it’s a great way to earn Cash at the end of each match.

Closing Thoughts

There are plenty of ways to get cash fast in Splatoon 3. We hope this guide helps you get in-game rich and therefore, unstoppable. Just follow our guide to truly excel. And it will be updated over time so stay tuned.