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There are many recipes you can cook and brew in Ooblets. While some food and drinks are uncommon, Beanjuice is one of the most common ones you will come across in the game. It is the go-to drink in the world of farming, creatures, and exciting adventure. In this guide, we will look at Beanjuice and how to brew it from scratch.

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Beanjuice gives energy to the Ooblet world characters. It also boosts their mood very similar to how coffee reacts with us in the normal world. Now, let’s see how we can brew this drink.


There are two main things you need to have before you make the drink. You will need the hotplate in your farmhouse and Ground Springbeans to brew it. You will need to get the Beanjuice and Springbeans recipe from WishyWell by paying 50 Wishies for each.

Start making the Ground Springbeans first. Buy their seeds from Meed’s Seeds for 6 Gummies. Now, grow the Springbeans on your farm. After five days, you will be ready with the crops.

Preparing and Brewing

Once you are ready with the ingredients, go to your Crusher. Place an Ooblet in the bottom box and the Springbeans in the upper left-hand box. Once the crushing and refining is done, collect the Ground Springbeans. The Ground Springbeans should come in the right-hand box.

Head over to the hotplate and elect the Beanjuice recipe. That’s all. You now have the perfect energizer.

The incredible Beanjuice drink gives 40 energy and increases run speed by 25% for one minute. You can also buy Beanjuice from Cuddlecups Cafe for 30 Gummies or sell them for 15 Gummies.

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