In Minecraft, players can collect resources to make different types of potions. These potions can be stored in the player’s inventory and consumed when needed, delivering powerful and potentially life-saving bonuses, perks or abilities. Potions can do anything, from healing players to making them fire-resistant, to making them breathe underwater. One of the most powerful potions is the invisibility potion.

The invisibility potion in Minecraft can make the player model disappear, but it is not without its weaknesses. Mobs will continue to detect and attack the player’s model within a short distance. If the player is wearing armor, this distance will increase. The potion can only affect the player’s model, so the weapons and items held by the player will not be invisible.

Making Invisibility Potion

To make an Invisibility potion, the player first needs another potion, the night vision potion. To make a night vision potion, the player needs a nether wart, a golden carrot, and a bottle of water. Nether warts can only be found in Nether Fortresses or Bastion Remnants. Glass bottles can be made by placing two glass blocks on the left and right sides of the top row of the workbench and one glass block in the middle. This will produce three glass bottles. A glass bottle can be filled with water in any water source.

Golden carrots can be found in Bastion Remnants or Ruined Portals. They can also be crafted by placing carrots in the center of the workbench and surrounded by gold nuggets. Each golden carrot requires eight gold nuggets. All these ingredients can be mixed at the brewing station to make a night vision potion.

Put some Blaze Power in the leftmost box to activate the Brewing Stand. Players can create Blaze Power by placing a Blaze rod on the workbench. Place the water bottle in one of the lower boxes and the Nether Wart in the Brewing Stand’s top box. After a short delay, this will produce an Awkward potion, which has no effect. Finally, put the golden carrots on the top box to make a night vision potion.

To make an invisible potion, players can combine fermented spider eyes with night vision potions at the brewing station. To make a fermented spider eye, the player needs a spider eye, which will drop from spiders, mushrooms, and sugar. The player must place the mushrooms in the first box in the first row of the workbench, and the sugar in the second box. Spider eyes should be placed in the central frame, directly under the sugar.

Put the night vision potion in any of the three lower boxes on the crafting table, and put the fermented spider eyes in the top box. After a short delay, this will produce an invisible potion. The invisibility potion will last three minutes, and an improved version with a duration of eight minutes can be made. To do this, the player needs to place the invisible potion in the bottom row of the crafting station, and place some Redstone Dust in the top box. Redstone Dust can be obtained by mining redstone ore and placing it on the workbench.

It is also possible to obtain invisible potions from wandering merchants, but they will only drop them when they die while drinking. The possibility of this happening is very small, so players are best to make their own supplies.