In Minecraft, many things created by players are made for protection purposes. When it comes to weapons and armor, this couldn’t be more true. That being said, some players may eventually find some extra armor lying next to them instead of stuffing it into a box that will never be seen again. Why not use it well? By using armor mounts, players can turn old armor into exquisite decorations for houses or other buildings, and they are actually easy to make.

The Armor Stand allow Minecraft players to show the armor for everyone to see it. Apart from the storage of the armor, these items do not serve any game purpose. That said, it is an excellent way to boast friends on a server or to preserve a set of sentimental armor, so players should know how to craft them.

Only two main materials are needed to make armor stands: wooden sticks and stone slabs. Of course, sticks can be obtained by laying wooden planks on the crafting table, while stone slabs is three stones placed consecutively on the crafting table. Collect six wooden sticks and a stone slab, and then place them as shown in the picture below. This will create an armor stand, which means that players who want to show more armor sets need to collect all the materials again to make another one.

How to Make an Armor Stand

However, this is just an example of what players can do with armor stands. Some players may be interested in knowing that other equipable items can also be displayed on armor stands, including elytra, carved pumpkins, and even mob heads. More importantly, sneaking next to an armor stand and clicking the right mouse button will cause the stand to switch to one of 13 different poses. Finally, by using certain commands in Minecraft, players can even spin the armor mount or change whether the mount has weapons.

Since it is easy to create armor stands, players should not be ashamed to try to use them as decorations. The enchanted golden armor that the player collects from the zombies is useless in a box, but it will definitely be eye-catching in the home. Also, given the rarity of monster heads in Minecraft, players should definitely display them with pride.