How to make a Spyglass in Minecraft
How to make a Spyglass in Minecraft

The SpyGlass is an element that allows zooming, thus reducing the player’s Field of Vision (FOV) while increasing the magnification of what is on the screen. This is done through a square vignette, something similar to what it is like to wear a Carved Pumpkin on one’s head, although with less darkening of the player’s vision. This useful scanning and topography tool can be designed with 2 specific resources, none of which is too hard to find.

The two resources players need to make a telescope are amethyst shards and two copper ingots. Fortunately, both can be obtained directly from nature or after the smelting.

How To Find Amethyst Shards:

These crystalline shards will be dropped when the player breaks the Amethyst Cluster, but please note that breaking them when digging with a pickaxe will produce the most amethyst shards. The cluster itself can only be found in the naturally generated structure called the Amethyst Geode, which is generated with a one-in-53 chance in every new Overworld chunk that is loaded.

How to find Copper Ingots:

Like other metals, copper ingots can be made from the smelting of the specific ore in an Furnace by placing said ore in the upper slot and some type of fuel (coal, a type of wood, etc.) in the lower slot. The copper ore spawns between the layers 0 and 96, with a sweet point with higher rates located in layers 47 and 48.

Spyglass Crafting Recipe

After collecting all the components, players can use the crafting table to make a Spyglass by placing amethyst shards in the top center slot and 2 copper ingots in the middle and bottom center slots. With the new Spyglass, players can now explore more effectively than ever before.

The magnification of the Spyglass allows the player to observe things like 15-20 squares at close range (depending on the player’s field of view settings in the menu), which understandably makes exploration faster and easier.