How to make a Smoker in Minecraft
How to make a Smoker in Minecraft

Minecraft is a sandbox game with lots of different blocks, machines and other items to be built. In different survival modes, it is important to have enough food to heal and fight hunger. A great way to start cooking some of Minecraft’s iconic food is to create a smoker.

The smoker is an furnace for cooking food. Similar to Minecraft blast furnaces melt ore faster than usual, smokers cook food much faster than ordinary furnace. Players can turn raw meat, raw fish and other cookable food items into cooked food in record time. In addition, smokers are used as work blocks to help turn villagers into butchers.

How to Build a Smoker in Minecraft

Building a smoker in Minecraft is very simple. The player first needs to build an ordinary furnace. The furnaceis made up of eight blocks of cobblestone, Blackstone, or any stone-tier block in any combination. Once the player has the furnace, they must combine the furnace with four pieces of wood. The smoker is not picky about the type of wood players can use; it can be any type of log, any stripped log, any kind of wood, or any kind of stripped wood in any combination.

How to use a Minecraft Smoker

How to use a Minecraft Smoker

Smokers in Minecraft use exactly the same way as ovens and blast furnaces. The player first needs to fill the smoker with some kind of fuel. Coal, wood, and coal blocks can be used for cooking in smokers. Then the player only needs to add the items they want to cook, from raw chicken to the beef found in the cows in the Minecraft Plains biome, and the smoker takes care of the rest.

Some Smoker Facts

  1. When a smoker is cooking food, it will give off level 13 light to the surrounding area, just like furnaces.
  2. Smokers in the villages near the unemployed villagers of Minecraft have the opportunity to turn one of the villagers into a butcher.
  3. When placed under a note block, the smoker creates bass notes.
  4. Smokers, like furnaces, are stackable.
  5. Smokers must be mined with a pickaxe or else nothing will be dropped.
  6. Since popped chorus fruit is not eatable, smokers will not cook chorus fruits.
  7. Although smokers cook faster, each cooked food uses the same amount of fuel as an furnaces. They just use fuel at twice the rate.