Riding a horse in Minecraft is fun and rewarding because the player can move faster and look good. In other words, this function cannot be performed in survival mode without the help of a saddle, so many gamers are curious about how to create a saddle. In addition to horse riding, pig riding, even Striders of the Nether also need saddles.

Since these items are very useful, it would be great if players have a consistent way to obtain them. They don’t seem to be as complicated as a diamond pickaxe, but there is no way to craft a saddle in Minecraft.

Minecraft is known for allowing players to build or create almost anything, but its specific crafting system has limitations. Players can only create content coded in the game by making recipes, and for some reason, the saddle is not one of them. That doesn’t mean that there’s now way for players to get a saddle in the game.

The saddle can only be obtained in survival mode through one of the following four methods. They can be found in chests in dungeons, they can be dropped from enemies or mobs carrying or using saddles, they can be obtained from fishing, or they can be exchanged with villagers. For chests, saddles are almost a potential reward for any type of chests, so players should pay special attention when exploring.

Small creatures that may fall on the saddle include Striders mounted by Zombie Piglins and Ravagers. The former has a small chance of dropping the saddle, but the latter always drops the saddle upon death.

For fishing, the saddle is one of the treasures that the player can pull out of the water. Although this is not a reliable way to obtain them in any way, it is a pleasant surprise when the player gets the saddle instead of the fish. Every time a player successfully fishes, there is a 0.8% chance of landing in the saddle. In the end, once you reach Master level, you can get Saddles by trading with Leatherworkers.

As for the best way to reliably purchase saddles, the only guaranteed option is to farm Ravagers and trade with Leatherworkers. Unfortunately, Ravagers only appear during village raids, and leather craftsmen will stop selling saddles after the player has bought too many saddles. For those who don’t mind using creative mode but still want to be fair, one option is to simply get the saddle out of creative mode and remove five or six leathers.