Minecraft has a relatively simple farming system, but players often overlook its most useful blocks. This block, the composter, has two key purposes in the game. The composter is a farmer’s job block in Minecraft and can be used to provide bone meal.

The composter in Minecraft requires only one material to build: wooden slabs. The player must first make seven slabs out of any wood. Then they need to place three slabs on each side and one in the bottom center slot of the recipe space to make a compost machine. For this, the crafting table is essential. Due to their recycling capabilities, composters make the most sense when they are placed closer to the player’s crops.

Another way to obtain a composter is to occupy one of the many towns in the Minecraft world. Any village with a farm will have a composting machine because it is a working area for villagers and farmers. There are usually many farms in the village, so players can collect many composters (the fastest way is to grab it with an axe, but any tool will do).

This is not without consequence, however. Removing work blocks generally restarts that resets work from the villagers and makes them a general villager. Crafting of a composter is the best option for players who want to continue harvesting from the Villager Farms. Composter are more useful due to their ability to recycle food and plants into bone meal. For most plants and crops, bone meals work as a fertilizer. This means that it can be used to quickly accelerate the growth of plants and crops, which makes it invaluable for those who seek to increase the speed of their Minecraft Farm.

The list of materials that can be used includes everything from beetroot seeds and sweet berries to pumpkins, cacti, biscuits and even cakes. Minecraft players should know that there are five levels as to the percentage chance the item will add a layer of compost to the composting machine. In general, seeds have the lowest chance of adding a layer of compost, while larger, more complex items such as hay bales, mushroom blocks, and pumpkin pies have the highest chance.

Adding a new layer to the composter is accompanied by a green sparkles and visible compost buildup inside the block. When the compost bucket is filled with seven layers of compost, white spots will appear on the top of the compost. This indicates that the player can remove the bone meal from the composter and restart the cycle. Next, players must add bone meal to their crops to help them grow.