New World
New World

In New World as you are exploring, there is a camping option, but it doesn’t really do anything. This is because you must unlock camp abilities by completing some tasks. Therefore, if you are a new player or have been ignoring initial missions, you have to complete this to make a Camp:

  • Complete the initial quests until you are told to visit the nearest city.
  • Continue to complete the quests at this settlement until you meet the Survivalist.
  • Talk to the Survivalist to unlock the ability to set up a Tier 1 Camp.

The Survivalist will give you a task to test your new camping skills. To camp, find a suitable location and press “Y” (default) on the keyboard. You will get the ghost blueprint of the camp, which must be placed in a feasible location.

It will need to be placed on a fairly flat ground, so if it does not allow you to place a camp, please move to a slightly different area and try again. Once you have placed the camp, you will have to build it. It takes 5 green woods and 1 flint to build the camp, both of which are easy to find.

After the camp is established, it will serve as a crafting point where you can craft a variety of basic tools and items, including fishing rods using Hemp. You can also rest in the camp to restore your strength. The camp acts as a respawn point when you die, making it an essential skill and tool for survival in the new world.

How to upgrade your Camp in New World

To upgrade your camp, you need to complete specific missions, just like the survivalist mission that unlocks camp abilities in the first place. Higher-level camps will allow you to create higher-level food, weapon coatings, potions, and tinctures, but it’s worth noting that no matter what your camp level is, you cannot create higher-level tools or weapons.

These are the levels required for each Camp tier:

  • Tier 1: Level 5
  • Tier 2: Level 15
  • Tier 3: Level 25
  • Tier 4: Level 40
  • Tier 5: Level 55