How to level up quickly in Krunker

Krunker players have been experimenting with a variety of classes in order to broaden the game’s gameplay. One of the most important aspects of attempting out a different character is levelling them up in order to obtain weapons and cosmetics. Even things like joining or creating a guild need the player to reach a certain level, yet players may easily increase their level by following certain methods.

Play Non-Custom Games

While customised video games might be fun for players, they are not rewarded with skill for participating in or competing in customised video games. This is because the options that gamers might allocate to them can make difficulties a bit one-sided, which can be abused as a quick method to get experience. As a result, if gamers wish to gain that extra level, they should just play in common or rated video games.

The ultimate rating is how experience is calculated

At the end of the game, players are rewarded with experience points based on how well they performed. The evaluation they receive is promptly converted into expertise factors and handed to the participant. Of course, the better a player does in a game, the more experience they gain. It may be difficult at first, but practise makes perfect, and each match will see the player improving and obtaining further knowledge in turn.