Outer Worlds
How to level up fast in Outer Worlds

Outer Worlds recently received a new DLC called Murder on Eridanos. This is the happy and melancholic part of the game content; although more game content has been added, Murder on Eridanos is the final DLC. Hopefully, players take a while to get to that point what with the new DLC increasing the level cap. The higher the level cap, the more content, so you can enter the inevitable adventure of the new game. As with RPG and its later part of the game, it can get tricky, so a little push in the right direction will help.

What is the Max Level in Outer Worlds?

Before the release of Murder on Eridanos, the upper limit of Outer Worlds was only 33. This includes the previous DLC. The new DLC adds three new levels, increasing the level cap to 36. A rough estimate of reaching these three levels is recorded as an average of seven hours of play time. It is worth noting that when there is no DLC, the upper limit of Outer Worlds is 30. This is easier to achieve if the player chooses to stop in the basic game or not purchase DLC.

Ways to Level Up fast in Outer Worlds

There are several more interesting upgrade methods, but the most direct method is through the main task. Depending on the number of players crossing the main quest line in the outer world (including DLC), they may be close to the upper level limit. However, some people prefer to face the ultimate challenge of the game and be fully prepared at the highest level.

Choose Violence– “Outer World” and its DLC provide players with a lot of freedom to choose their game style. Nevertheless, some game styles are better than others in terms of boosting power. Sneaking in, trying to be a pacifist is not enough in most cases. That’s because one of the best ways to get XP is to increase the number of body count.

Fortunately, the game provides players with many opportunities to communicate with violence. When looking for a quick upgrade, please always follow the path of war enthusiasts and turn every conversation into a gunfight or punch. In any case, Outer Worlds is very simple, it also allows players to kill anyone, even the crucial story NPCs.

Arm Your Companions Well– Another thing that can help you grow some much-needed XP faster is to expand people’s mass killing capabilities. Think of companions here, because always having two can make gunfights faster. In other words, if the player wants their teammates to play any role in the entire slaughter, they must be equipped with the best and most efficient equipment. Both of them have to fight hard and can also withstand heavy blows, so the best weapons and armor that players don’t use should go their own way.

Skip Melee Combat– This is not to say that melee combat is not as profitable as long-range combat when earning XP, it is less efficient. Although XP’s rewards are almost the same, it is slower to hit the enemy a few times. This is definitely slower than filling their mouths with high-speed lead or raising their faces with plasma pellets. Heck, even shooting everyone from a safe distance is faster.

Camp In Enemy Respawn Spots: To make exploring the world more challenging or exciting, “Outer World” tends to provide respawn points for many creatures in areas that usually don’t have mission triggers or any important content. Players can take advantage of this by noting where wild creatures and even bandits can respawn when destroyed. An abandoned city in Monarch is an example, and it is also a viable method for players who want to avoid clearing the friendly NPC population for XP only.

Pick The Deadly Demonstrations Perk: Speaking of the diverse statistics in The Outer World, perk can make it easier to upgrade. That is the Deadly Demonstrations ability. Once unlocked, any teammates killed will get 50% extra XP. With this advantage, in theory, players can sit down and let their teammates complete all the work. If your teammates only equip long-range plasma weapons, so much the better.