In “Outriders”, certain enemies will try to use their abilities while fighting you. If you can interrupt them while they charge their ability, that ability will not be released. You can tell the enemy that an ability is charging, because the progress bar will be displayed next to their health bar and the name of the ability will be displayed on the bar.

To interrupt an attack on Outriders, you must hit the enemy with an attack or ability with the Interrupt keyword. Each class has multiple functions, with the keyword Interrupt in its description. To check if you have this ability, open the “Skills” menu and hover over each ability to see if there is a “Interrupt ” keyword under “Type” in them.

Regardless of your character type, basic melee attacks will disrupt enemy abilities. This is a wonderful way to interrupt an attack, because unlike other interrupt abilities, melee combat can be noticed immediately and the interrupt action is quick.

If you have trouble interrupting the attack, the function you are using may not enter the interrupt part until later in the effect. For example, if you become a Trickster using starting Temporal Blade abilities you started, the interrupt effect will only occur when the abilities are damaged at the end of the effect, not the moment you hit them.

If you want to interrupt the enemy’s attack, you have two options: resort to another faster-reacting interrupt ability (or melee attack); or choose another faster interrupt ability (or melee attack). Otherwise, you get some gear and Mod can provide the interrupt keyword for one of your other abilities.

Pay attention to these mods, as they can be very powerful tools in your overall build load, especially when interrupting attacks. It’s worth mentioning that you carefully review the skills in your class’s skill tree to understand the effect of interrupt attacks. As you know, you only get 20 points to spend on your skill tree, so make sure you prioritise!