Among Us
Among Us

Despite a period of prosperity in Among Us, the game still has a large number of players returning. The USP of the game is so simple, but so competitive. Give everyone a fair chance to bring out their inner detective. The limitation of the game is that the number of characters is limited, but we have to change it.

The town of us mod is a very popular among us mod, it allows you to experience multiple characters from a variety of choices. Let’s see how to download the “Town of us” mod for “Among Us”.

Mods carry risks, which is why most of them are only available to PC players (except bluestacks), and this one is no exception. Follow the steps below to install the mod:

  • Make sure you have Among us downloaded on Steam
  • Now go to this link to download the mod and check the version you are using of among us. You can see it in the upper left corner of the main screen.
  • Download the mod using the link next to your version. Save the zip file on your desktop for easy access.
  • Extract it and you will get a folder with 2 folders and 3 files in it.
  • Go to Steam, on Among us, in the manage tab select “Browse local files”.
  • Copy all the files from the folder you extracted into the that folder.
  • Save it and launch Among us again, this time you will see the “town of us mod loaded” on the home screen. Players will also be able to see the many characters you can choose from after you enter a room.
  • If in case you want to uninstall the mod, just delete among us and reinstall it.

The mod has many new roles like the Sheriff. Such new roles make the game more interesting so do try out the mod.