GTA Online
GTA Online

Part of Rockstar’s huge GTA V is its online component GTA Online. Players are free to perform missions and robberies together, play random game modes, and explore the vast land of Los Santos with characters they think are suitable. This character has his own statistics, which you must increase by performing certain activities in the game. Here’s how to increase your strength in GTA Online.

By improving this stat, you’ll get the following gameplay benefits:

  • Increased hit damage
  • Improved durability
  • Improved climbing speed
  • Improved Sports proficiency

The good news is that increasing strength is a fairly simple matter. To do this, just use your fist to fight anyone you see. This can be another human player, or just a random NPC citizen walking down the street. The more times you hit people with your fists, the faster you can increase your strength in GTA V.

For every 20 hits, you will increase your power stats in GTA Online, although this is not just about violence and aggression. Sports such as golf and tennis will also increase your strength. Please note that by playing an optional tennis match with Michael in GTA Online, you can significantly increase your strength in this way, even more than a normal tennis game.

The Best Way to Max Strength Stat Fast in GTA Online

The fastest way to increase your power stats in GTA Online is to have friends join your game and enter any car. Let them drive and meet you anywhere on the map. Begin punching the car repeatedly. After 20 hits, your strength will immediately increase. Since no one fights back, you can quickly and easily maximize this stat in one session.