Valorant is a fun first-person shooter game, but the game gets intense very quickly. Valorant offers an excellent variety of weapons that give you the power to shoot your enemies at once, but at the end of the day, your game depends on your aim. The game is all about making quick decisions, selecting the right weapon, and shooting with precision.

Beginners often struggle with their aims when starting Valorant. You can’t jump into the battleground, shoot all your enemies, and get the highest score when starting. It takes practice, dedication, and a lot of training to become a pro at Valorant. Below we have listed a few easy ways to improve your aim. Let’s take a look:

Learn Crosshair Placement

Start with the crosshair placement. To better your aim, you need to learn to get the crosshair placed on the target. It isn’t only about positioning the crosshair, but the goal is to react quickly. The more accurate your crosshair placement, the more precise your aim will be. Plus, your crosshair should neither be in the clouds nor be on the floor. Try to keep it in a position where you don’t have to make major corrections when you see an enemy.

How to Improve Your Aim in Valorant?

Practice Counter Strafing

Strafing means moving in the opposite direction to your enemy. In simple terms, you see an enemy, and you move sideways to get the best shot. Strafing is one of the few effective ways to get a perfect shot. It enables you to keep your crosshair focused on the enemy while you are moving. If you want to achieve the best level of precision, learn counter strafing. This technique will help you shoot a large number of enemies in a short timeframe.

Play Aggressively

Valorant players must learn aggressive playing. That’s because the game offers a special advantage to the attackers. Let’s say you choose a corner to hide from an enemy. If they know where you are hiding, they can practice counter strafing for an accurate shot. Valorant isn’t a game where you can sit and wait for your enemies to come and point the gun at you. You will most likely be dead in a few seconds. To climb your scores, you need to attack your enemies. That being said, your shot tends to be wild and inaccurate when you shoot on the go. Plant your spike carefully. When in doubt, sit and take your time to aim.

How to Improve Your Aim in Valorant?

Aim for the Headshot

Like other first-person shooter games, valorant is all about flicking aims. The faster you get the crosshair on the target, the sooner you can kill a large number of enemies. However, flicking alone won’t work. If you do not pre-aim, you will most likely get killed before you can think about moving to another target. Your aim should be precise enough to kill multiple enemies in a fraction of a second. The only way to achieve that is by getting more and more headshots.

The goal is to kill the enemy faster and in fewer shots. You can practice headshots using aim trainers. Aim Lab is most commonly used for headshot training. It helps you practice your shooting skills on AI bots, thus improving your aim and making it as precise as possible.

Do Not Panic

At times, you may get into a gunfight where all you can do is shoot randomly. Your shot is accurate when you aim properly. However, you can’t wait to aim when you face multiple enemies at the same time. You just have to shoot as many people as possible and wherever you can before you get killed. The problem here is that most players panic. They either stand still or try to run away from the spot just to get saved. Unfortunately, there is no trick that can save you from such gunfights. You will face them at some point.

You will learn how to handle such situations when you play valorant regularly. Confidence is also important here. You should watch valorant live streams, read more guides, and practice constantly to improve your aim. Even if the situation requires, you should hit the target after aiming, even if that means wasting a couple of seconds.

Use Aim Trainers

There is no magical way to better your aim in Valorant overnight. Play the game as frequently as possible to learn its ins and outs. You can try aim trainers to improve the accuracy of your aim. These tools present a series of challenges that cover several aspects of aiming, including reflex training, flicking, headshots, etc. You get a custom dashboard where you can see your performance so far, strengths, weaknesses, and the areas you can improve. You are trained for a better flick speed and accurate headshots. Or, you can consider one-on-training for valorant, although that won’t be needed once you start practicing your shots with og aim trainer.

How to Improve Your Aim in Valorant?


Set Your Mouse Sensitivity and Acceleration

The ideal DPI for valorant is 800 and the sensitivity should be between 0.35 and 0.45. You should keep the DPI low. Lower DPI translates into accurate shots. However, it must not be too low to impair your movements. Likewise, you should keep the acceleration off. Acceleration affects your mouse sensitivity significantly and results in insignificant aim. Before you start playing, turn off the acceleration and adjust the DPI settings according to your preference.

Get the Right Hardware

Your aim also depends on the mouse movements. Choose a soft mouse pad and a mouse that you can move easily with your hands. Select a mouse pad that can accommodate your mouse and is large enough to allow you sufficient space for moving the mouse easily. If you keep the DPI low, you will need a larger space to move the mouse. Your choice of hardware matters when it comes to FPS games. So, choose wisely.

Practice regularly and try the best aim trainer tools before you jump into the valorant battlefield. Follow the above steps to better your aim.