Evil Dead The Game
Evil Dead The Game

Even the most skilled gamers can sustain injuries, especially when battling with demonic forces. Because this is a survival game, here’s everything players need to know about healing oneself and reviving friends in Evil Dead The Game. If a player dies, they can have their soul resurrected. Let’s have a look at how you can keep the squad alive for as long as feasible.

How to Heal in Evil Dead The Game?

how to regain health evil dead game

In Evil Dead The Game, players must acquire healing supplies and utilise them to regain health. While exploring, look for Shemp’s Cola and press Up on the controller’s d-pad to eat it. Make sure you are not surrounded by adversaries while performing this, since this will give them a chance to attack you. Ask your buddies to cover for you while you finish healing when playing co-op. If you run out of Shemp’s Cola, you can locate more at random points around the game. To pick them up, use the Triangle/Y button on your controller. When you need to refresh your health, simply press UP and your character will recover.

How to Revive Teammates in Evil Dead The Game

Approach the squad member who has been knocked out. When you go near enough, you’ll see an interaction button. To bring them back to life, press the button. While this appears to be a simple task, it may quickly get complicated, and your own character may be put in risk if the downed teammate is surrounded by demons. Make careful to converse with others and keep the opponents occupied throughout the short animation of resurrecting another character.

How to Resurrect Teammates in Evil Dead The Game

In Evil Dead The Game, you may still resurrect a deceased team member. To revive a dead colleague, players must transport their soul to an altar. By pressing Triangle/Y and following the altar icon that emerges, you can collect the soul. That should lead you to a slew of rocks. Press and hold Triangle/Y to resurrect a teammate, but keep an eye on your back. You should be able to see “Being Resurrected” beneath the name of the deceased character in the bottom left of the screen. After the animation is completed, the player will be successfully resurrected and will be able to resume playing.