Back 4 Blood
Back 4 Blood

Turtle Rock Studios’ team-based zombie shoot-em-up Back 4 Blood is the thrill of gunning down hordes of the Ridden, and taking on much bigger foes. So healing becomes an important matter in such games. Today we will tell you all the methods to heal in Back 4 Blood.

Health Kits and Bandages

In Back 4 Blood, the most obvious cure is to use a medical kit or bandage. These are obtained at the beginning of each game. Before leaving the safe room, it is best to use the in-game store to purchase supplies. Healing items can also be obtained here, whether it is a bandage or a complete medkit. Although the bandage only requires 150 copper, it will only restore a little bit of health.

The medical kit will heal more health, but it requires 500 copper. It can also heal other players. Players can spend 100 copper coins to buy painkillers instead of buying medkit or bandages. Usually medkit or bandages are worth buying, but the pills can be seen more frequently on the map, so they are a good solution.

First Aid Stations

Throughout the level, you can find rooms containing weapons, ammunition and other supplies. These can be random, so they won’t always appear in the same place. These rooms can only be accessed if the player has the tool kit.

Again, this can be purchased at the beginning of each map, and the first aid station can not only heal health, but also heal trauma. Trauma is when the player loses his maximum health. It is also important to know that although first aid points are very useful, they are of limited use, but it is best to charge before leaving the room.

Active Cards

Players can also choose a series of cards to give them advantages, such as more endurance or more overall health. There are a few cards that can be used for as such. The “Living on a prayer” card will cause the player to recover a little health value every time when the player’s health is extremely low.

A good combination is the “Triumph” card and the “Combat Knife” card. The first will return two health points for each melee kill, while the second will guarantees a one-hit kill against standard enemies. If it needs to be increased, the combination of the two will make it easier to get a little health.