How to Get & Use Mounts in Lost Ark
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Lost Ark, very similar to nearly any large-scale MMORPG, options a completely gigantic overworld to traverse and discover. Even should you’ve been maintaining along with your cardio, that a lot land is a nightmare to traverse on foot. Thankfully, Lost Ark has a mount system to get you from level A to level B a lot quicker, and extra stylishly in addition. Here’s the way to get and use mounts in Lost Ark.

How to Get Mounts in Lost Ark

Generally talking, there are two methods to get mounts in Lost Ark: finishing quests and shopping for them. Certain quests all through the game, each mainline quests and sidequests, can often reward you with a mount upon their completion, in the identical means you’d get gadgets or tools from finishing a quest. You’ll really get your first mount fairly early within the game; arriving in Prideholme after finishing the game’s Prologue will reward you with considered one of three primary horses on your journey wants.

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If common brown horses don’t do it for you, although, you can too get fancier horses and different mountable critters from the in-game retailer. Some of those might be purchased piecemeal for Royal Crystals from both the shop or the Auction House, whereas others might be randomly dropped by occasion chests. Either means, although, you’re going to need to pay up some actual cash for these extra spectacular mounts.

How to Use Mounts in Lost Ark

How to Get & Use Mounts in Lost Ark
Image through Smilegate/Amazon Games

Once you’ve received a mount to name your individual, hopping aboard is fairly straightforward. Mounts are saved in a separate stock out of your gadgets and equipment, and you’ll name them out wherever they’re permitted. Here’s the way to summon your mount:

  1. Press Alt + V in your keyboard to deliver up the mount menu
  2. You ought to see a listing of the entire mounts in your possession. Simply click on on the icon for the one you need to experience, and it’ll seem
  3. You also can drag a mount’s icon to your hotbar, where you may summon it with a fast click on
  4. When you need to get off, simply click on the icon once more

Don’t be shy about utilizing your mounts at any time when you may. No cause to tire out your toes if you’ve received a wonderfully good horse, in any case.