Returnal is a game with multiple endings, but it’s not what fans are used to. To obtain the secret ending of the game, players must have enough patience, dedication and skill, as well as a deep understanding of the mechanics of the game. This isn’t surprising, but all Returnal endings will usher in major spoilers, so players who wish to discover these stories for themselves should now look back.

When the Returnal players finally manage to reach the “white shadow” signal in the Citadel and get picked by Astra, there Selene gets to spend the rest of her life in peace on Earth. Then even though she escaped from Atropos, she never escaped the cycle of time, comes as a huge shock. This is the first ending of the game, leading the player to act two.

Completing act 2 is more difficult than completing act 1, but will reward the player with the second ending. This one sees Selene dive into the deep scars of Atropos and uncovered more secrets, but something was still missing. Selene seems to know what she needs to do to break the circle, even if the player doesn’t know.

After completing all the Returnal biomes, the next step is to try to find six Sunface Fragments; each of the six biomes hides one. This means that the player will need to effectively replay the game.

Sunface Fragments can exist almost anywhere in the biome, although players must cheer up, knowing that they don’t need to challenge a boss in a certain area to find these fragments. They don’t seem to spawn in the containment chamber, and these areas will produce waves of challenging enemies.

Just explore each room in each biome and look for the Sunface Fragments. These items are displayed in blue on the ground (similar to artifacts and proficiency boosts) and are represented by triangles on the miniature map.

With the six fragments of Sunface in his hand, return to Selene’s house and play through the final house segment. Finally, the player will get a car key that can be used to unlock the car at the bottom of the abyss. This means that they will have to clear the abyss scar and defeat Orpheon again.

After completing this operation, get up close and interact with the car to start the secret ending and see the final scenes.