Destiny 2
Destiny 2

“Season of Splicer” has arrived in “Destiny 2”, bringing players many new and interesting toys so they can join the “Guardian”. One of them includes some new piece of exotic leg armor exclusively for Titan players. This is all the information you need to get The Path of Burning Steps in Destiny 2.

“The Path of Burning Steps” allows Titan players to convert Solar eliminations into increased weapon damage, and makes it more difficult to lock down with Stasis. When facing specific enemies, this substantially improves the Guardian’s offensive and defensive capabilities.

In order to get The Path of Burning Steps exotic leg armor, you’re going to need to have your Titan complete any Legendary Lost Sector on any planet offering them at the Legend or Master difficulty.

If you do, you will be able to get these leg armor as a reward. Seasoned Destiny 2 players know that it’s not always as simple as the first try, because it requires RNG roll to get there. If you are proficient enough, be proficient on the master difficulty level as it will provide you with better landing opportunities.

Either way, to follow the path of the fiery step in Destiny 2, you may need to spend some time polishing (or spending some lucky horseshoes). Obviously, this is also very important, because this is a exotic leg armor only for the Titan class, so if you’re not running that class, it is best that you remove some other equipment.

That is just about everything you need to know about how to get The Path of Burning Steps in Destiny 2.