How To Get the Chigusa Skin in Fortnite
Image via Epic Games

Where in the World is Chigusa? If you ever find yourself asking that whilst haunting the Fortnite Item Shop, you’re not alone. In the world of Fortnite, you might want to secure an outfit or two to distinguish yourselves from the mindless hordes of default dans. But, as we’re sure you know, most skins in Fortnite are made available on the Fortnite Item Shop for a limited time only.

Who is Chigusa?

Chigusa is a RARE Outfit that was initially made available in April of 2021. She was included in the Cyber Infiltration Pack LTO, in addition to the //R.E.M.WAKERS// Set.

Chigusa was described as a “journalist turned vigilante sworn to liberate the world from R.E.M.Corp’s virtual prison,” according to Fortnite database FNBR. Chigusa, as well as her pack-mates Megumi and Yuki, are some of the limited anime-inspired outfits found in the game. Also included in the Cyber Infiltration Pack was the Guard Pup, H4ck // P4ck, and Watchful Wabbit Back Blings.

Is the Chigusa Outfit Still Available?

No. As of writing, it would seem that players can no longer purchase the Cyber Infiltration Pack, nor can they nab the Chigusa Outfit. It’s truly a shame, as the skins included in this pack looked rather interesting! But, it’s always possible that Epic Games will decide to bring them out of retirement at some point!!

In researching the storyline of the R.E.M.WAKERS, they seem to tie heavily to the parallel universe / alternate reality storyline that came to a — temporary — end with Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2. If this ends up being correct, perhaps we could take a trip to their universe next? I suppose only time will tell!

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