Especially after the recent cleanup, joining the Rust game may struggle to survive. Experienced players and survival enthusiasts will take advantage of newer players and find themselves quickly defeated by enemies whose equipment, weapons, and shelters are much more advanced. Rust is not only related to technological progress and growth, but also related to maintaining hydration and feeling full. Those who do not unlock access to furnaces will soon be left behind.

Therefore, players will hope to find Stone as soon as possible. Stone is not only necessary for the production of stone tools, but also necessary for the construction of furnaces, which is essential for survival in the harsh open world of Rust. This guide will help players better understand where to find stone, its purpose, and how to farm it effectively.

What is stone used for in Rust?

  • Furnace
  • Large Furnace
  • Rock (Weapon)
  • Stone Pickaxe
  • Stone Axe
  • Stone Spear
  • Wooden Arrow
  • High Velocity Arrow
  • Handmade Shell
  • Sandbag Barricade
  • Concrete Barricade
  • Stone Barricade
  • High External Stone Wall
  • High External Stone Gate

Where To gather stone in Rust?

There are two ways to collect stones, either from nodes or by scavenging small stones. Since a pickaxe is needed to extract the stone from the node, the first interaction with the stone after cleaning is to grab it from the ground. These collectible items look like oblong, oval-shaped grey objects and can be found almost anywhere (sometimes even hidden in tall grass). The most sensible way to loose rocks is to patrol the beach, because it is easier to locate on flat sand. Collecting stones will provide players with 50 stones as resources.

Once the player has collected enough stones to make a stone pickaxe (200 pieces of wood and 100 stones are required), they can start collecting stones from nodes scattered on the map. It is much faster to dig a stone from a node than to lift it off the ground because it will reward the player with a larger number of stones (over 700 stones).