The steam core in Frostpunk is used for the construction of factories, coal mines and other buildings, as well as for Automatons. This makes the Steam core a very important resource in this city building game, but some players may not know where to get them. Fortunately, the process of acquiring this resource in Frost Punk is fairly simple, although fans will find that they do not have much control over its acquisition.

To put it simply, the main way to get the core of Steam in Frost Punk is exploration, which can be done after strategy game enthusiasts have established a Beacon. For the uninitiated, scouting is the act of sending scouts to the Frost Land, and they will return from the expedition with various resources. These resources include wood, coal, and steel. In fact, explorers occasionally come back with some steam cores.

Although scouting is usually a way for players to obtain Steam core, there are some other ways to obtain it worth mentioning. One appeared in the A New Home stage, and the establishment of an outpost in Tesla City would reward a Steam Core every day. The other appeared among the refugees because a small amount of resources could be collected from the two Steam core Transports destroyed in this scene. Finally, fans can collect any number of Steam cores from the Army warehouse in the Frostpunk’s On the Edge scenario.

Another thing about the Steam Cores is that they are not destroyed when used to build automata or structures. In fact, destroying one of these buildings will return all resources used to the player. This means that while Frostpunk fans should reasonably consider how they use Steam Core, they should not be overly concerned about whether some of them are used in a non-optimal way.

In short, city-building game players who need the Steam Cores should get a Beacon, which can be built within the Tech tab for 20 Wood and 35 Steel, and get up and running as soon as possible. After completing this operation, they must ensure that scouts are continuously dispatched while handling other tasks. All that is left is to be patient while waiting for those reconnaissance expeditions to pay off.