Spore Blossoms
Spore Blossoms

Spore Blossoms are a new decorative element that has reached part 1 of the Caves and Cliffs update 1.17. In this article, we will discuss what Spore Blossoms are and how you can get them in Minecraft.

How to get Spore Blossom in Minecraft

You can find Spore Blossoms in Minecraft heading to the lush caves in the game. The Lush caves can only be found in the creative world of the game, you can only find Spore Blossoms in a world like that. Once you’re there, you’ll find Spore Blossoms hanging from blocks, emitting small green spores.

To collect Spore Blossom, you don’t need to use tools or weapons. You can tap the Spore Blossom with your hands to collect them. Reaping Spore Blossom with shears will only consume the durability of the shears and is useless. After collecting Spore Blossom from the lush cave, you can place them anywhere in the game.

To place Spore Blossom, you need a surface to hang them. You can place the Spore Blossom at the bottom of any surface except leaves.

Spore Blossom in Minecraft uses

Spore Blossom are decorative flowers in Minecraft. They are aesthetically pleasing. These flowers emit small green particles called spores, making them look attractive. Spore Blossom instill a sense of beauty and tranquility when they are active.

Each Spore Blossom will emit a maximum of 22 spores. You can only generate Spore Blossom in buffet or custom worlds. Spore Blossom can only reproduce naturally. You can stack up to 64 Spore Blossom, just like many other blocks in Minecraft.