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Stardew Valley

The silo is an important building in any Stardew Valley farm. These 3×3 tall structures are used to store hay, which is a vital material for any farmer who chooses to raise animals. Without a silo, it is difficult for players to feed their cows and chickens and make them happy, especially in winter. Some players may not realize the importance of this building until they have started raising animals, making it difficult to build quickly.

To help new farmers, here is a quick guide on how to build silos and use them on the farm.

How to get Silo in Stardew Valley

Silos are the first good choice to buy a building. Compared to most other buildings, it is cheaper and requires fewer materials; in addition, it allows players to store food before purchasing animals. To build a silo on their farm, players need to collect the following materials:

  • 100 Stone
  • 10 Clay
  • 5 Copper Bar

Bring these materials to Robin at the carpentry shop to buy a 100-gram silo, which takes two days to complete. Usually, the best location for silos is at the end or corner of the farm, where they will not hinder the player. However, depending on the player’s choice of design, they may decide to integrate them decoratively into their farm design.

How to use Silo in Stardew Valley

Once the silo is built, players can use it to store hay. Hay can be acquired by:

  • The player can use a sickle to mow grass on his farm, and there is a 50% chance that he will collect hay.
  • Cutting wheat has a 40% chance to spawn hay.
  • The desert trader can sell player 3 hay for 1 omni geode.
  • Marnie may send the player 30 hay in the mail.
  • Marnie can sell their hay at her ranch for 50g each.

Any hay collected by the player with the sickle will be put directly into the silo. In addition, if the player buys or receives hay as a gift, they can right-click the silo while holding the hay to add it to the storage room. Each silo can hold 240 hay. To get hay from the silo, simply click on the hay hopper in the feeding trough for their animals.

If the player wants to mow grass and needs to make room in the trash can, they can scoop out all the hay from the silo via the hopper and store it in the chest. This strategy is particularly useful when preparing for the winter, because in the colder seasons, the farm does not grow grass.