Sonic Speed Simulator
Sonic Speed Simulator

The Sonic Speed Simulator’s most recent update brought a slew of new skins and playable characters to the game. If you’re a Sonic fan, you’ve probably heard of Shadow the Hedgehog. He is one of Sonic’s arch-enemies turned friends, along with Knuckles. Shadow, on the other hand, is an anti-hero type of speedster. While his pores and skin has been teased as a playable character, there are no signs as to how to find him. So, here’s our strategy to obtaining Shadow in Roblox Sonic Speed Simulator.

How to Get Shadow in Roblox Sonic Speed Simulator?

There are currently no verified solutions for obtaining Shadow. While he has been confirmed to be included in the update, he has only been previewed. Although it is likely to be a little more difficult to find him with no tips, we may experiment with several workarounds. Some hypotheses on how to unlock Shadow are listed below:

  • You would possibly discover and unlock him by claiming the rewards. These rewards can include an Exclusive merchandise.
  • These rewards are time-based. So, ensure to say most of them as they unlock after a sure time.
  • Shadow is likely to be included within the World 5 that’s within the works.
  • As he’s additionally not included within the character checklist, Shadow will also be probably added to the World 5.
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    Image Source – O1G on YouTube.
  • Alternatively, he could be included within the weekly updates of Sonic Speed Simulator.
  • Shadow the Hedgehog could be part of an unique merchandise to be purchasable solely within the store.
  • Unlocking him could be a hidden quest which may require finishing sure Obby and zones.