No man’s sky screenshot
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As an open-world area survival game, the objective in No Man’s Sky is to discover and survive the depths of the universe. However, with the universe being so huge and harmful, you’ll want a ship that may deal with these prolonged area expeditions. And whereas there are a variety of several types of spacecrafts out there within the game, freighters are simply among the best methods to journey in No Man’s Sky.

In this guide, we’re going to interrupt down the right way to get an S-class freighter in No Man’s Sky.

A freighter is a colossal interstellar spaceship out there in No Man’s Sky. Due to it’s sheer dimension, it’s principally a cross between a conventional ship and an area station. They are so extremely wanted as a result of they will warp to different photo voltaic programs and be summoned to the orbit of a planet where the participant is presently situated. They additionally provide a great deal of storage on-board, extra so than every other spacecraft.

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That being mentioned, S-class freighters are additionally extremely uncommon to seek out and costly to buy. In truth, even the smallest S-class freighters value round 5 to 10 million models. While the bigger ones are greater than 150 million models.

Taking this under consideration, you need to put together to have at the least 150 million models able to spend earlier than you start the method of buying an S-class freighter.

Here’s how one can get an S class freighter in No Man’s Sky:

  1. Install an Economy Scanner in your ship and head to a photo voltaic system with a rich race.
  2. Travel to the system and go to the Space Station.
  3. Get out of your ship, after which re-enter to create an auto-save level.
  4. Clear out the pirates within the space and go to the freighter.
  5. Wait for the blue mild to look on the deck of the freighter, then enter and scan to see if it’s an S-class.

No Man’s Sky is continually altering the category of those Freighters. So, in the event you discover that it’s not an S-class freighter when you’re contained in the ship, merely head again to step three (out of your auto-save level) and take a look at once more. By repeating this course of, you’ll snag an S-class freighter in some unspecified time in the future.

Once you’ve verified that it’s an S-class freighter, you may head up by means of the steps and converse with the Captain of the ship. Who will probably be situated on the Bridge space on board. When you work together with the Captain, a window will pop up with the choice to buy the freighter.

That’s the whole lot that you must find out about the right way to get an S-class freighter in No Man’s Sky. Before you go, be sure you take a look at a few of our different No Man’s Sky content material right here at Gamer Journalist. Like the right way to begin Beachhead in No Man’s Sky or the right way to tame the Flying Fart Fish in No Man’s Sky.