Nier Replicant
Nier Replicant

Collecting rare crafting materials in Nier Replicant is quite difficult, but when enemies of the same type drop different items based on where they are, collecting difficult materials becomes even more difficult. This way, it’s no wonder if you need help to get the broken watches in Nier Replicant, considering they just fell from a rare foe.

Fortunately, we already have answer for you . Read on to find out which enemies dropped them, how to increase the drop rate, etc.

The only way to get a broken watch in Nier Replicant is from tall and lanky Shades; especially those who wield long Shade swords and occasionally use Shade shields. Although they are quite common around the world in the first half of the game, they will be almost non-existent in the second half and will start to drop different items.

Fortunately, by completing the “The Magical Stone” side quest and then repeatedly fighting Shades in the fortune teller’s visions, you can find a large number of variants of the first half and farm them. However, it’s worth noting that this Broken Wristwatch is a rare drop for this foe. Likewise, there is no guarantee that they will drop items, which means you may need to farm for a period of time before you can get all the “broken wrist” watches you need.

Therefore, you must equip the words from the Mah family and magic to increase the item drop rate. This should increase the chance of the enemy dropping items by up to 30%, thus increasing the chance of slim Shades dropping items for you to pick up.

Does changing Difficulty increase Drop Rate in Nier Replicant

In addition, you should also pay attention to some rumors: changing the difficulty will not make getting broken watches in Nier Replicant easier; reducing the difficulty to easy will make the battle less cumbersome but will not affect your chances of obtaining items. The RNG that determines this remains the same across all difficulties.