Nier Replicant
Nier Replicant

Upgrading weapons in Nier Replicant is not as easy as in other games. You need to find specific resources to upgrade certain weapons. One such resource is amber, which is used to upgrade various weapons. This is a rare resource, so let’s see how to get Amber in Nier Replicant.

The Junk heap is the resource center for weapon upgrades, and Amber is no different. Even if you know the location you want to go to, it is not easy. Unlike other items, amber is only found in the trash can and its drop frequency is very low. After entering the Junk heap , go ahead and up the ladder. After climbing the ladder, turn left and continue, you will have to go through 2 big gates, which will take you to the elevator.

Use the elevator to go to floor B2 and you will see some robots charging you. These robots will drop amber so make sure you destroy all the robots. We recommend that you break all the large wooden boxes along the way as it is possible to find amber under them.

The drop rate of amber is very low, so you can only find 1 amber at level B2, and sometimes you can’t find it. The player can return and re-enter the floor at any time, for resources and robots to regenerate. You can also buy amber from the Facade Materials shop. Each piece of amber will cost you 6000 gold.

We recommend going through the garbage dump, but if you have excess gold, you can always buy amber. Amber is used to upgrade weapons like the Phoenix Dagger and the Vile Ax, so you may want to start collecting it as soon as possible.