As a part of the brand new Ark: Survival Evolved DLC, Fjordur, you can get your mitts on the Mjolnir sword pores and skin. Getting Mjolnir is sort of a prolonged quest, as you’d count on from the hammer of the gods. Of course, you would simply use console instructions to get the assets you want, however you are not gonna take the straightforward approach out, right? Let’s check out what you could acquire and, extra importantly, who you may must defeat to get Mjolnir.

How to unlock Mjolnir in Ark: Survival Evolved

Before you’ll be able to wield the mighty hammer of Thor, you may should be at the least stage 190 and have accomplished each boss battle that awards ascensions. You’ll additionally must have acquired a Tek sword, however fortunately for you, these three steps must be accomplished as you progress by way of the Fjordur DLC.

Next, you may must seek for 200 Fjordur runes, in addition to a complete bunch of runestones. Runestones will be collected by defeating Alpha monsters. Alphas are straightforward to identify as they’ve the phrase in entrance of their names, and as soon as you’ve got killed a couple of you can face off towards the three mini-bosses.

Where to seek out the mini-bosses

Mini-bosses require 30 runestones to summon, so this part is a little bit of a grind. Of course, you would merely use console instructions right here, however we’ll come again to that. The three mini-bosses you need to summon are:

  • Steinbjorn—discovered through the Portal Cave at 40 48, utilizing the right-hand terminal
  • Haiti and Skoll—discovered through the Portal Cave at 20.5 37, utilizing the centre terminal
  • Beyla—discovered at 04.5 47

Before preventing any of those mini-bosses, you’ll want to carry all types of tames, and equip gear that may cope with the chilly (like fur armour). Oh, and your strongest weapons, after all. Once the mini-boss is defeated, work together with it to seize runestones and relics.

(Image credit score: Studio Wildcard)

Fjordur Alpha boss places

For the final a part of these quests, you’ve got three Alpha bosses to struggle, in addition to Alpha Fenrir. Once you journey to the bosses’ places you may discover terminals you’ll be able to work together with that permit you to select which variation you’d prefer to struggle. You should select the Alpha variant in order for you to have the ability to struggle Fenrir and get Mjolnir.

Each boss will drop three artifacts that you should acquire to craft Fenrir’s portal. Here’s where you’ll find every boss and their respective artifacts:

  • The Dragon terminal will be discovered at 87 02.  The Cunning artifact will be discovered at 77 66, Immune at 91 78 and SKylord at 8 24.
  • The Broodmother cave that homes its terminal will be discovered at 59 64. The Clever artifact will be discovered at 21 57, Massive at 71 01 and Hunter at 7.5 40.
  • The Megapithecus terminal will be discovered at 56 84. The Devourer artifact will be discovered at 03 04, Brute at 49.5 14 and Pack at 21 57.

Once you’ve got defeated all three posts, head to one of many floating runestones within the sky to craft the Alpha Fenrir portal. The struggle is difficult however nothing too outlandish, so take the time to arrange earlier than you head by way of the portal. Once he is handled, you can get the Tek sword engram with the Mjolnir pores and skin. 

Mjolnir console instructions

So you’ve got determined to take the straightforward route—why the hell not? To get Mjolnir virtually immediately, carry up the admin command bar—you do this by pressing the Tab button on PC. Then, enter Gfi mjolnir 1 0 0 and press the admin command button. You’ll then discover Mjolnir sitting in your stock, prepared to make use of.