Like many other survival games, you must collect and create various resources in Rust. One of Rust’s most important resources is metal fragments. These metal fragments are used to build many structures. Here is how you can easily get metal fragments.

There are a total of five different ways to get Metal Fragments in Rust, which include:

  • Mining Metal Ore from rocks & then smelting it using a furnace
  • Mining Quarries
  • Breaking down items in a recycler
  • Looting other players
  • Smelting empty cans

The most effective and easiest of the five is first mine metal ore from rock and then use a large furnace or furnace to smelt it. However, the other four methods are also great. You can then use the metal fragments for different purposes.

How to Use Metal Fragments in Rust

Once enough metal fragments are obtained in Rust, they can be used for various crafting and repair purposes. Some of these uses are:

Weapons: You can craft weapons such as Crossbow, Waterpipe Shotgun, Longsword, and Semi-Automatic Rifle with Metal Fragments.

Ammo: Pistol Bullet, Smoke Rocket, 12 Gauge Slug, Explosive 5.56 Rifle Ammo, HV Pistol Ammo are some of the ammo that you can craft from it.

Attire: You can craft boots with the fragments.

Defense gates and barricades: Metal Fragments are used for crafting barricades like Metal Barricade and Barbed Wooden Barricade. Also, you can craft defense gates such as Prison Cell Gate, Chainlink Fence, Chainlink Fence Gate.

Armor: Riot Helmet and Coffee Can Helmet are the armor you can craft with the resource.

Repairing: You can use Metal Fragments to repair any item that was initially crafted with them.