Know all methods of getting arms on these Matrices.

Tower of Fantasy
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Matrices are weapon augments which you should utilize to improve your arsenal in Tower of Fantasy. However, you have to Matrix Data Packs to take action. Matrices incorporate big quantity of harm, therapeutic, health, and different parts to your weapons. There are other ways you will get Matrix Data Packs within the game. Let’s take a look at them on this guide.

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Tower of Fantasy
Image through Perfect World

Players can get Matrix Data Packs utilizing completely different strategies. We are itemizing all of the strategies with a quick description to make issues clearer.

  • Dimensional Trials – Challenges often happen in dungeons. You can use Vitality to play these and get Matrix Data Packs.
  • Bounty Missions – The map has many purple icon missions that may earn you Data Packs. You may also view these missions within the Daily Bounty part.
  • Cracked Password Chests – You may also get Matrix Data Packs in chests across the map. Partly the rationale exploring is so essential within the game.
  • Omnium Beacon – This is a enjoyable little journey which you’ll be able to play at Level 28. You might want to conceal a Beacon. Choose the hiding location correctly as a result of rewards will rely upon it.
  • Mia’s Kitchen – A quite common and recurring means of incomes rewards in Tower of Fantasy. You can entry the Kitchen below the Adventure tab.
  • Points Store – You can get Matrix Data Packs in Points Store too. You can redeem Training Points to get them.
  • Matrix Store – A devoted retailer for getting Matrix Data Packs. You can use the Base Chips to buy both Matrices or Matrix Data Packs.