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lost ark

The crew is an important part of the adventure in Lost Ark, and it is perhaps the most important concern. Your crew determines the speed of your ship. It is entirely up to you to find and add additional sailors to the crew. Because of their rarity, these sailors have a wide range of talents. From your Stronghold, you may dispatch your crew to do various tasks such as dungeons, raids, daily missions, and other naval operations. But for that, you’ll need more sailors of higher rarity. Here’s our guide on recruiting and obtaining more crew sailors in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

How to Recruit & Get More Crew Sailors in Lost Ark?

There are several requirements you must meet before we can begin recruiting more crew members. You must complete all of Luttera’s tale missions before you can unlock your first boat. After purchasing your first boat, you must activate the Sailor Contract in your inventory. This means you’ll be able to recruit and add more sailors to your crew. This additionally is determined by the scale of your boat or ship.

lost ark get more crew
  • Now, one of many methods to recruit Sailors to your crew is to discover a Trade Merchant.
  • You should buy a contract by way of analysis on the lab to permit them in your Stronghold.
  • These retailers promote collectibles, uncommon objects, and add new sailors to your crew in change for Seals.
  • They can be found briefly in your Stronghold and their objects carry on altering because the game server resets.
  • Although they provide new crew members, their rarities are typically low and they do not provide any talents.
  • However, because the server resets every eight hours, there is a chance that you will run across Sailors with uncommon rarity and skills.
  • Alternatively, to get extra crew members you can use Mokoko seeds.
  • These seeds are collectible currencies which might be scattered throughout and simply obtainable.
  • You can then redeem the crew utility type so as to add a brand new crew member by spending these seeds.
  • With these seeds, you may get crew members like Cocorico, Narinari, Poipoi, and Chicachica.