In Greek mythology, Ichor is considered to be a golden ethereal liquid, known as the “blood of the gods”. Ichor is a hardmode crafting item that can only be obtained from the Underground Crimson and the Crimson Underground Desert Biomes.

Used to make items such as Golden Shower, Ichor Dart, Living Ichor Block, etc. Tainted Ghoul and the Ichor Sticker Mobs will drop Ichor, which can be found in the Hematic Crate. Ichor will reduce the victim’s defensive attributes. This is used by applying Ichor to weapons such as Ichor Arrows and Ichor Bullets. Ichor will not burn in lava, which leads to possible agricultural techniques.

How to get Ichor in Terraria?

You can only obtain Ichor in the Crimson Underground and Crimson Underground Desert biomes, so it is necessary to have these biomes in your world. In Underground Crimson and Crimson Underground Desert Biomes, you can set up farms that do not require players to participate to get Ichor. This is the best way to obtain Ichor effortlessly, and you will get hundreds of Ichor in a short period of time.

Farming for Ichor

As shown in the picture above, you can make a pyramid structure, and monsters can climb up and fall into the lava pit. The overhang is to ensure that the mobs hit their heads and fall directly, instead of jumping to the other side. To save yourself from the Floaty Gross Mob, sit in a pool of honey.

If you have suffered a lot of damage like this, please re-roll your accessories. The basis of this farm is to attract mobs to the center and then kill them with lava.