Want to get your fingers on the Destiny 2 Heart Shadow unique? This fancy-looking sword is likely one of the most enjoyable new exotics within the Season of the Haunted and is ideal for void subclass characters who need to profit from their invisibility. Its strongest skill is that it turns you invisible while you launch a heavy assault, and fires off some Void orbs at enemies. 

Usually invisiblity is restricted to finishers, class skills or smoke bombs, so including it to a weapon could be very robust. But Heart Shadow isn’t simple to get. First off, you’ll should trek via the brand new Duality dungeon, and even after ending the ultimate encounter, the probabilities it’ll really drop are very slim.

If you’ve just lately began Season of the Haunted, you could be questioning what Opulent Keys and chests are or where to seek out the Calus bobbleheads scattered throughout the Leviathan. Either method, that is the way you get your fingers Heart Shadow in Destiny 2.

(Image credit score: Bungie)

How to get Destiny 2 Heart Shadow

The Heart Shadow sword is the rarest reward from the Duality dungeon. You can solely get it from the ultimate encounter towards Caiatl and its drop fee is fairly darn low. If you simply need to farm for the sword, it could be a good suggestion to make use of the Destiny 2 app to seek out folks in search of assistance on the ultimate encounter. This implies that you received’t should work via the whole dungeon only for an opportunity to get Heart Shadow. You may also enhance the sword’s drop fee with a brand new function that Bungie has launched this season.  

Destiny 2 Heart Shadow: How to buff its drop fee 

In order to buff the Heart Shadow drop fee it’s essential full a collection of triumphs within the dungeon itself. If you head into your triumphs menu and choose “legends” then “duality”, you may view the entire triumphs. Here are the 5 that increase Heart Shadow drop fee: 

  •  Flawless Thoughtstealer: Complete all encounters in Duality with out dying
  •  Solo Thoughtstealer: Complete all encounters in Duality solo
  •  Perfected Thoughtstealer: Complete all encounters in Duality solo with out dying
  •  Master Thoughtstealer: Complete Duality on Master difficulty
  •  Mind Heist: Steal Calus’ Repressed Memories

The best one to finish is Mind Heist, because the Repressed Memories are simply collectibles scattered via the dungeon. Completing it on Master would require a fairly excessive energy stage, and solo is actually potential, however it will take a very long time to gather all of the requirements required for boss injury phases. Still, even one in all these will scale back the quantity of occasions it’s essential farm that final boss.