Minecraft players can use unlimited worlds, but due to the large number of blocks and items that can be created, players often forget what can or cannot be done or traded. This is usually the case in “Heart of the Sea”. Items that are rarely seen in “Minecraft” become important for certain basic designs and specific games.

“Heart of the Sea” cannot be made like most other complex “Minecraft” blocks, and it will not generate like minerals or other items in the game. Since the player must search for a treasure map to obtain a treasure map, the process is more complicated. These treasure maps are only generated in two types of locations: shipwrecks and ocean ruins. To find one of these two, the player must search for wooden hulls that resemble ships or stone buildings between the ocean floor and the coast or they can find a dolphin for help.

How to get Heart of the Sea in Minecraft

Dolphins have a unique ability to guide the player to find the closest buried treasure, shipwreck or marine ruins. First, the Minecraft player must obtain raw cod or salmon (which is a drop from killing either one of these fish), and then must use it to feed the dolphins. Animals must shoot at the nearest buried treasure, shipwreck or ocean ruin, and all players have to do is follow it. For the last two, shipwreck and marine ruins, there are hidden chests that usually contain these treasure maps.

Treasure maps are similar to ordinary Minecraft maps, except that they have a marker indicating where the player must dig to find the treasure. Treasure chests are usually located on the coast. If dolphins guide the player here, they must dig along the area until they find the treasure chest. It would be more useful to have a treasure map, because it specifically points to the chest. However, no matter how the player gets there, once found and opened, the chest should contain various random items and the heart of the sea. It looks like a blue sphere.

The heart of the sea is so important because of what can be crafted with it. Combining 8 nautilus shells, “Heart of the Sea” in “Minecraft” turns into a conduit. The conduit is a beacon-like block that emits an an area-of-effect that combines water-breathing, night vision, and haste.

For players who want to build a base underwater, this block is basically essential. Not only can it allow the player to breathe and see underwater, but it can also damage hostile creatures if the distance is too close. It is important to note here that the conduit can only work when the player places the conduit in the center of the 3x3x3 water.