Going Medieval
Going Medieval

Hay is one of the most important items you can get in Going Medieval. Hay is used to making beds for the settlers in the game, otherwise they would not be able to get the rest time needed to function effectively. In today’s guide, we will show you how to get hay in Going Medieval. Let’s go!

Follow the instructions given below to get the hay in Going Medieval:

  • To get hay in Going Medieval, you first need grass. It is easy to find grass in the game because it grows in large numbers in different places on the map. If you look around, you will definitely find some grass.
  • Once you find the grass, you can harvest it as hay. You can do this by assigning harvesting tasks to your settlers.
  • To start the harvesting process, select the “Cut Plants” option marked with the “sickle” icon. You can select this icon by pressing the “J” key on the keyboard, and then you can select the grass that needs to be harvested.
  • Once the task is assigned to them, the settlers will begin to collect hay and then store it in the pile. If you want to speed up the process of collecting hay from the grass, you can increase the task priority to 1.
  • To change the priority of the task, go to the “job” tab located in the upper left corner, find the “sickle” or “cut plants” icon and reassign the priority to 1. Assigning the hay harvest to Priority of 1 will cause the settlers to abandon any other lower-priority work they may have and go to complete higher-priority tasks (in this case, harvesting hay).
  • It is also important to allocate hay collection to settlers with high levels of botany skills, otherwise they will destroy the grass.

These are the steps uou need take in order to harvest hay in Going Medieval.