Conan Exiles
Conan Exiles

In “Conan Exiles”, the ability to hunt and destroy various creatures is very important. Collect a lot of things, so you have a lot of raw materials to use. However, when you travel the world, you may find that some recipes require more than raw materials. You also need to put some of your materials together!

The hardened leather in Conan Exiles is very difficult to assemble, and if you know how to use this leather effectively, you can really expand your repertoire.

To make hardened leather in Conan Exiles, you need to obtain a tanner’s table by collecting 100 pieces of wood. Then, you will need leather x5, thick leather x2, alchemial base x2, and oil x5. Put all of these on the tanner’s table for eight seconds to make hardened leather. This leather is used to make absolutely absurd number of armor and more types of tanneries.

The tanner’s table is simple to make, but the different things needed to harden the leather are a bit strange. Leather can be obtained by using animal parts on the Tannery table. Thick skins require higher-level animals, such as elephants or green dragons, to obtain. Alchemical Base requires Silver Dust x2, Gold Dust x1, and Ichor x2. In the end, oil will require a fluid press, and a ton of seeds…or a level 3 alchemist with x1 bark and x1 Ichor.

Most armor sets in the entire game use hardened leather, especially higher-level armor! You will need a sturdy armor bench to do this, such as Armorer’s Bench, Forge of the First Men, or a Garrison Armorer’s Bench. Every piece of armor requires a lot of leather, 20 per piece of leather! If you want to build the ultimate armor of your dreams, you need to put together a lot of hardened leather.