With the first part of the cave and cliff update finally available, players are researching all the new content in Minecraft. With new mobs, blocks, etc., there is no shortage of things to be discovered. One thing players might be curious about is Glow Berries, which is a new item with some unique attributes. Interestingly, cave vines where glow berries grow are currently not found naturally in the world, but players can still find glow berries and plant some of their own cave vines. For those who want to know how to obtain this item and its purpose, look no further.

The Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update will be divided into two parts. The first part of this update is now live, it adds a lot of new content to the game for players to experience. The second part of the update will focus on restructuring the way Minecraft randomly generates worlds. The goal is to make things more cohesive, especially when it comes to nominal cliffs and caves.

Glow Berries are new items that players can obtain in the first part of the cliff and cave update. In most cases, they have the same effect as sweet berries. Eating a Glow Berries will restore 2 points of hunger and 0.4 points of saturation. In other words, since they are more difficult to harvest than sweet berries, they are not very suitable for this purpose. Conversely, players may find themselves more interested in other uses for it.

Players can plant Glow Berries at the bottom of a block, at which point they will grow a cave vine. Every time you plant a new part of Cave Vine, you have a chance to generate Glow Berries. The part of the vine with Glow Berries will produce 14 lights.

If they want, this is the natural way for players to illuminate caves and even rooms in their base. In other words, the cave vine is not naturally generated at this time. Instead, players will have to loot boxes in abandoned mineshafts to find Glow Berries. With just one of these glowing berries, the player can grow it until they have a sufficient supply.

When harvesting Glow Berries, never destroy the parts connected to the block, because this will destroy the plants and the player will not get any rewards. In addition, only the tip of the cave vine can produce Glow Berries, so the player can simply break the tip, and wait for new fragments to appear.